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Well, it’s actually pretty easy. Just go ahead to the software page you want to download, and you can download it from any of the links listed at the bottom of the page. You got a Primary Link, another Mirror Link and an Alternative one, just in case.

Well, actually you won’t. It’s just your Antivirus or Windows Defender messing up. Crack, patches, activators, loaders, however you want to call it, will always get detected as false positives (virus). A false positive virus detection it’s basically because the software it’s not running the way is supposed to.

Most AV and Windows Defender compare these softwares with their database, and detect them as suspicious, cuz they are not the same as the originals ones provided by the original developer. 

So, in a few words, don’t worry, it’s not a virus and you can be 100% sure you’ll be safe.

Logically, you can’t. When the crack is applied the software gets modified in order to not send nor receive any notifications regarding license or updating actions. 

That way you can be 100% safe it will remain activated and you won’t lose your saved projects or whatever. This is the best way to crack a software, and if it’s not, let us know.

This one is pretty important for some softwares, and it’s a step you will have to do in order to maintain some of them activated permanently. I am going to give you a link on how to do it on W10, if it doesn’t suit you, you can just Google it guys, you will find it for sure.

Here is the link: https://www.technipages.com/blockunblock-programs-in-windows-firewall

Well, actually, not as much as I would have to in exchange for the long time it takes to crack a program and to maintain a website. I would be really grateful if you could donate to us whatever you are able to,  if you think we helped you or that we deserve it. Thank you guys for helping us make this project the most known place for software download!